Crafts Traineeship Program for Special Education Students

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the program, the trainee;

Learns different production methods in a different environment related to decorative handicrafts.

Gains the basic knowledge and skills in the field to which the profession belongs.

Has the basic competencies required by the field.

Does the jobs required by the profession

Gains the special professional competencies required by the profession.

Learns more actively and at their own pace.

Recognizes the professions related to the field of education.

Recognizes the institutions and organizations that support to open a business.

Recognizes the units according to the characteristics of the workplace.

Understands the importance of work in our lives.

Uses social security rights in accordance with laws and regulations.

Distinguishes documents that substitute money in working life.

Explains the things to be done for the job application.

Explains the things to be done for the job interview.

Complies with workplace rules.

Uses the working environment clean and tidy.

Completes its duties and responsibilities in the workplace in a timely and complete manner.

Fulfills duties and responsibilities in the team in a timely and complete manner.

Turns into an innovator, entrepreneur, highly skilled, open to communication, social and self-confident individual.

Individuals who gain the competencies required by the profession in the Handicraft sector can work in;

Small or large enterprises,
In enterprises producing touristic art crafts and souvenirs,
At own work or home, etc.