Electric and Metal Field Joint Project Traineeship

At the end of the program, the trainee;

In the metal profession specific;

Draws a technical drawing,

Performs cold forming jobs,

Makes electrical resistance welding,

Welds large and small diameter pipes,

Makes oxy-gas welding,

Cuts with oxy-gas,

Welds non-steel materials,

Cleans and polishes metal surfaces,

Applies putty and paints on metal surfaces,

Works on CNC machines related to his profession,

Performs steel construction works (steel roof, bridge etc.),

Makes the stairs and railings,

Makes round and square section pipe fittings from sheet metal,

Performs non-destructive examinations,

Makes submerged arc welding,

Specific to the Electric / Electronic Field:

Wraps bobbins,

Understands the failure of office machines,

Gets skilled in the field of Electrical Installations and Panel Monitors,

Carries out the task of Electrical Home Appliances Technical Service,

Knows the details about the current,

Simulates electrical-electronic circuits and schemes by drawing on the computer,

Understands motor currents,

Knows the electrical panel and makes the design,