Engine Traineeship Program

At the end of the program, the trainee

Makes mechanical repairs on the engine

Performs basic electrical and electronic operations

Maintains and repairs battery, lighting and warning systems

Makes maintenance and repair of the starch system

Repairs the charging system

Checks and changes fuel and ignition systems in gasoline engines

Performs operations and calculations related to hydraulic systems in motor vehicles

Controls and changes electronic ignition systems

Makes maintenance and repairs of electronic ignition fuel injection systems

Maintains and repairs engine operating and vehicle management systems

Makes maintenance and repair of indicator, security and comfort systems

Repairs the heating, cooling (air conditioning) and ventilation systems.

Maintains and repairs diesel engines fuel systems

Repairs the clutch system

Repairs the gearbox

Repairs shaft, differential and axles

Repairs the brake system

Makes the maintenance and repair of steering systems

Makes maintenance and repair of the suspension system

Repairs the front layout system

Makes fault diagnosis

Makes periodic control and maintenance

Makes maintenance and repair of alternative engines and fuel systems (LPG-CNG and electric motors)