Counselling & Documentation

If you don’t want to spend hours and hours contacting companies, institutions and schools with no response and lose contact with them even after your project has been granted, you are at the right address.

As Anatolia, we;

  • use our extensive network internship contacts to match you with the right fit
  • bring VET students together with the companies and VET schools in the target countries
  • meet the participants (our guests) at the airport and be with them during the program
  • arrange accommodation, local transfer, food, cultural and social events for them,
  • mentor and monitor during the work placement and write reports for each participant to evaluate his/her progress and submit them to the sending schools / organizations
  • also take responsibility of dissemination and exploitation of your projects thanks to our team members experienced in e-based platforms.

Moreover,  If you wish, we professionally support the writing, implementation and dissemination stages of your project, and ensure that the needs of your institution and your students are met within the scope of Erasmus + programs.


We carry out our VET internship and work placement programs in accordance with ECVET procedures. ECVET procedures make your projects processes much easily applicable during your project implementation. You can find a sample ECVET package prepared for Front Office Traineeship in the documents.

We offer mobility activities set within a quality framework previously agreed upon to ensure a high level of quality for the activity, including a “Learning Agreement”.

1. Memorandum of Understanding

2. Learning Agreement

3. Assessment of Skills

4. Personal Transcript

5. Learning Outcomes