Informatics Field Study Traineeship Program

Project Subject

Informatics Field Study Traineeship

Mobility Duration

14 days

First week

Institution presentation – education system of the host country

Network Security -Language training (evening)

Internship on Network Security

Network Simulation

Network Structures

Applications on Subnets

Second week

Ethernet – Language training (evening)

Wide Area Network Systems-Wireless Networks

Tcp-ip Protocol

Distance Vector Orientation

Local Network Systems

Router File System- Language training (evening)


Types of Routing

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, all the trainees;

learn new teaching methods, technological developments and skills on network installation and management and electrical automation and ensure that they are integrated into the education system of our country,

start their business life as skilled, qualified and qualified personnel.

learn the working conditions and cultural life they have seen and learned in Europe and reach the consciousness of being European.

will have the chance to see the developments in the world closely on networking.

understand the importance of the foreign language they reinforce in communication and will give more importance to language education.

understand the importance of teamwork and the importance of being responsible.

have a motivational motivation to create a similar working environment in our country.

feel special with his professional achievements and will work with more care and confidence in his profession.

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